Your safety is always our top priority, aside from having an awesome day on the water. All passengers are required to sign a liability waiver prior to departure. A fillable .pdf of your waiver will be emailed to you at the time of confirmation of your charter. Tampa Bay Marine Group will have hard copies for you to sign if the waiver was not completed and returned prior to your charter.

Everyone MUST be identified prior to the charter with full name, birth date and emergency contact name and phone number of someone NOT included in the charter. The personal information of passengers is kept strictly confidential and would only be used in an emergency situation on the water.

Let us know if anyone doesn’t know how to swim, is a weak swimmer or has anxiety around water. We will make their experience safe and enjoyable.

All passengers 6 years of age or younger are required by the US Coast Guard to wear a life jacket the entire duration of the charter. Arm floaties and similar are not acceptable.

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